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John Stewart Bryan
John Stewart BryanBorn Oct. 23, 1871, at "Brook Hill" in Henrico County, Va., John Stewart Bryan was the son of Joseph Bryan and Isobel Lamont Stewart. He was educated at Episcopal High School in Virginia, the University of Virginia and Harvard University (L.L.B. 1897). Bryan served as a lieutenant-commander, intelligence, in the U.S. Naval Reserve during World War I.

He married Anne Eliza Tennant June 4, 1903. They had three children: Amanda, David Tennant, and Stewart.

Bryan entered the newspaper business with his father, Joseph Bryan, and was publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The News Leader from 1908-1944 and was president of Richmond Newspapers, Inc., from 1940-1944.

He also was deeply involved in education. He held a number of distinguished positions at schools and institutions in Virginia and elsewhere, including rector of the board of visitors of the University of Virginia (1920-1922); vice rector, board of visitors, College of William and Mary (1926-1934); president, College of William and Mary (1934-1942); chancellor, College of William and Mary (1942- 1944); member, board of overseers, Harvard University (1937- 1943); member, Richmond Public Library Board (chairman); trustee, University of Richmond, and Episcopal High School in Virginia; founder and vice president of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; president (1935-1938), Virginia Historical Society; and member, Phi Beta Kappa.

John Stewart Bryan died Oct. 16, 1944. His son, David Tennant Bryan, succeeded him as publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The News Leader.